Healthy Communities of Brownsville (HCB) is beginning 2013 with an exciting line up of new Board members and funding sources in pursuit of their vision of a healthier, cleaner and more beautiful city for all the citizens of Brownsville.

Our mission is to develop and foster programs that promote social change through education, leadership and community action. HCB is proud to announce incoming board of directors, Bryan Nichols, Chair, Edward Camarillo, Vice-Chair, Kendra Stine, Treasurer, Tessie Sarmiento, Secretary and Victor Rivera, Past Treasurer. Sharon Putegnat is our newest Board Member but she is our original Environmental Chair. Read More
HCB receives an award from laupr or Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable.
The Los Angles Urban Policy roundtable is pleased to award Healthy Communities of Brownsville an Impact Mircro Award. The organization has shown by its work, and example an unserving dedication to building community sustainability. Read More
Teaching Kids about Water and Soil Conditions
Teaching children to understand how water and soil conditions affect plant growth will help to better define how the family garden will grow, the location and development of the garden, and plant selection. Read More
Bilingual school counselors help narrow achievement gap
The fastest growing group of students in America's K-12 schools are Latino. Evidence-based programs addressing the unique language and cultural needs of that population are successful in narrowing the traditional achievement gap, according to a recent study in Counseling Outcome Research and Evaluation Read More
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Up, Up, and Away...NOT!

Greetings! The Dangers of Balloon Releases has been a topic of conversation among members of the Environmental Trendbenders of the Healthy Communities of Brownsville (HCB) organization for some time now. After much discussion and collaborative help from other concerned organizations from Brownsville to South Padre Island, we decided to move on this issue as these releases are seriously impacting our environment, and time is of the essence. (PDF Download )

Bullying May Contribute to Lower Test Scores

Psychologist reports on research about effects of bullying in high schools High schools in Virginia where students reported a high rate of bullying had significantly lower scores on standardized tests that students must pass to graduate, according to research presented at the 119th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association. Read More


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